Guest post: I’m Flying



I’m gonna make another sincere plug for’s 90-day program. It’s simply an intense effort to work all 12 steps in 90 days with the encouragement and guidance of a sponsor—someone who’s worked the 12 steps and now enjoys the miracle of recovery and sobriety. My sponsor showed me how to work the steps of recovery. I wouldn’t be sober today had the Lord not led me to

I love to see the Lord rescuing us from our addictions as we submit our lives and will to Him.

One of my recovery brothers recently began working the 90-day program for himself. He’s about two weeks into the program. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“I can’t begin to fully explain how doing this 90-day program has already made a huge impact on me. In simple words, it has given me hope. Hope that I didn’t have before.

“A friend of mine told me that when he was caught up in his sexual addiction, the guilt, shame, and self-loathing was so overwhelming that he felt he had to pretend that he wanted to commit suicide so he could be committed into rehab. He wasn’t suicidal, but he felt his life was so out of control that really wanted to die. He stayed there for several weeks to try and get his life back under control. I can relate to my friend, because I have considered trying to get into rehab myself, just to get myself out of the environment where I continually fail to resist my addiction. With this 90-day program, I have the opportunity to have a rehab-like experience without actually having to go through the expense and disruption of being committed to a hospital.

“Rehab helps people detox from their addiction, and that is what this 90-day program is doing for me. It is helping me create the structure and environment where I can detox. And this is so much better than going to a rehab facility, because when a person comes home from rehab, their environment is the same as when the were in the addiction. This program is helping me change my environment so I can achieve permanent sobriety and recovery. It is helping me to replace bad habits with good, such as daily scripture study, prayer, and journaling.

“I recently watched a YouTube video that my sister-in-law posted about on Facebook. It was of a comedian on the Conan show, and though it was hilarious what he was saying, it really made me think. He was pointing out how just in his lifetime there have been some amazing technological advancements. He talked about rotary phones, and how today people complain when their apps don’t download fast enough on their iPhone. ‘Come on, it’s going to space to download it, and you can’t wait a few seconds?’ He talked about how people get on airplanes and complain that they have to wait on the runway for 40 minutes. ‘Have you stopped to consider that you’re sitting in a chair and will soon be flying through the sky, like a bird, flying through the heavens? Everyone who flies on an airplane should just be sitting there in total amazement that we can fly. It takes five hours to get from New York to LA, when before it took 30 years by oxcart, and you’d probably die along the way.’

“That video really helped me see that there are some miracles happening all around me every day, that I just take for granted. Not just technological miracles, but spiritual miracles as well. Rather than complain about how challenging this program is, I am holding on to my seat in amazement that I can actually fly. I am amazed at the miracle that is happening in my life right now.”

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