First post

Well, I’ve never had a blog before.  I don’t think Facebook counts.  And I certainly never thought I’d be blogging about this.

I hope to share what I learn in a way that uplifts myself and those who read it.  I anticipate that I’ll still have good days and bad days, but I don’t want my comments to leave anyone (including myself) with any negative emotions.

I don’t expect this blog of mine to offer some kind of profound, life-altering lesson or daily nuggets of wisdom.  I simply want to share my recovery and what I’m learning through it in a healthy manner.  So, most of my posts will just be my thoughts for that day, or perhaps an important lesson that I needed to learn.  I’ll do my best to be open, honest, and positive.

You’re welcome to check out the links in the header at the top of this page.  What I’ve written therein provides a synopsis of my recovery up to this point.  Comments and messages are welcome.


One thought on “First post

  1. Michael, I felt inspired to share some things with you as well. First, I am super sensitive to the fact that I am not like most people! What a surprise. What I have discovered, through Heavenly Father’s help and through answers to my prayers, is the fact that ” People aren’t perfect; only the gospel is!” That gets me through most every day. I try my hardest to do what I should, but I continually feel like I will never be allowed to work up to my fullest potential because of that stigma. People don’t consciously let that affect them, but I am pretty sure that it happens. It happened constantly when I was teaching, and I am pretty sure that it still happens. Still, I work hard and do everything that I think Heavenly Father wants me to do. I turn to him for guidance and strength every day. Several times Bishop Jolly talked to me about it as I guess it is sometimes obvious that it bothers me. He always told me that he was sure that Heavenly Father sent me here the way I am for a very special reason, one that perhaps is very difficult for people to accept. He counseled me often that I was to continue working hard in the Lord’s work, and that one day it would be okay. So I do. Now what does this have to do with you, Michael. It has everything to do with you. You are special; Heavenly Father has special plans for you as well. Your struggle now will make you stronger and will make you even more capable of fulfilling His plans for you. I know you know that anyway. We can’t let people or situations get in His way for us. You are making sure of that with your facing your struggle head on! NOTHING you could ever do would affect the respect, love, and high regard I hold for you. Not that it matters what I think, but the fact is Heavenly Father has great plans for you and you are doing what He wants you to do. So always remember that “People aren’t perfect, only the Gospel is!” We are all expected to love one another, even ourselves, the way that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us. That is all that matters. Enough rambling. You will succeed in your endeavor to make yourself, Jessica, Isla, Heavenly Father, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and your family and friends happy and proud of you! I know that just as I know the church is true, Joseph Smith is indeed a prophet, Thomas Monson is the prophet on Earth today, and especially that Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us, and especially that nobody said it was going to be easy! Love you, Michael! Lynn


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